Session 8

Lessa walks into the church threshold to dry off
-Gabe does the same

Gets much hotter as approach the pews
No other ritual-type markings, although there is a definitive scorch mark by the altar
—Took a picture of the scorch mark
-Barry used thermal camera to see that there are sharp thresholds where it suddenly gets hotter
-Barry also feels spirits all around, all of them like fire and burning
—Hears quiet whispers coming from the altar area that sounds like prayers about burning
-Area is so intensely hot that if it weren’t winter, it would still be burning
-Cassidy waves Lessa over, puts her hand on her head; surge of energy
—The hotter areas aren’t as uncomfortable
—The scorch mark is likely where the fire started
-Ground around it is charred white
-Barry sees in the burning char a spritual name of The Great Fire
-Werewolf is in Twilight, drops a spirit carcas in his hand, is surrounded by more of the carcases, and his wounds finish healing (doesn’t see Gabe)
-Talked with the werewolf, he wants to burn the city down and wants us dead, so we’re going to fight
—Lessa headshots him; we grab the duffel bag and throw the body into the altar area
—We run away as the alpha is on the way

A pack of wolves is coming towards us
-We duck into an alley
-Wolves run by without seeing us
-We dump the werewolf’s head into a dumpster and head back to the car

Heading to Barry’s condo in the Loop
Hear a wolf’s howl over by where we were
-We see a back door to a condo building that we can break into
-Barry jacks the door, we go in and lock it behind us
—Gabe tosses his bloody clothes into the furnace
—We pull the fire alarm and run
—A huge guy with a jagged axe comes out of the building, and the people around are scared
-Has 2 wolves with him
—We keep running to Barry’s condo, covering our tracks as well as possible
-In Twilight, I see people made of ice walking through the street having fun
—Gabe plays with them in the snow. It is very silly.
-Barry researches the Great Chicago Fire, and finds out there were fires all over the country at the same time or very close to the same time
-Emailed Nathaniel letting him know the werewolves are starting fires all over the place
—This is the nature of spirits and fire-touched werewolves
—Other werewolves have ways to close the portals

At 4am, Rune calls, says he has the silver bullets, will be here in 12-14 hours
-Probably other kinds of werewolves who can help, but we should wait
-Going to drive out of the snowed-in area and wait for Rune or meet him in the middle

Another building burned down last night on the south side, no details yet
-No reports of the werewolf we killed

At 9am, we pack up supplies and head out in an SUV
-Going to head outside of the snowed-in area and wait a bit

We meet Rune in a hotel south of Milwaukee
-He is grumpy
-He gives us lots of silver bullets
-Rune eats (a lot) and heads back to his RV
-Resting for the night
—During the night a police station burned down

Heading to the church where we fought the werewolf
-No bodies, no footprints, but the area is still hot (looks like fresh snow, but it didn’t snow)
-Barry sees that where the markings were, they have been changed to, essentially, “Steer clear”
-We walk up closer, Barry senses that there is a barrier around the area containing it (no elementals escaping, etc.)

Heading to the second fire, the house in Oak Park
-Chimney still stands, rest of the building has fallen in to the basement, still hot
-Gabe sees a guy two houses over in a house that’s for sale looking out of an upstairs window
-Barry senses fire elementals in the area
-We circle around the back and take a look at the site
-Same as the church, it gets hotter as we get closer
-Find the scorch marks by the fireplace
-Old junker car drives up, guy from the house comes over, Alpha dude comes out of the car with another guy
-Kill the alpha and one of the goons, the other goon jumps into the Twilight


Session 7

Still at Nathaniel’s house the same night
-Nathaniel is a mage? Knows ritual magic.
-Makes sure the rules are followed in Chicago

Leo is a terrible fencer, competent at best, very wild
-Depeding on luck to get him through a fight, not skill, but luck generally helps him
-All of his clothes are covered in the runes
-Doesn’t feel he needs to learn since he’s always lucky
-Going to try to determine if there is a way to compensate or exploit this

Computer system is old (10-20 years old)
-Not much to be done to improve it without replacing it entirely
-Probably state of the art 10-20 years ago
-Surprising it is still running after all this time

In the library with Nathaniel
-He is very talkative, has lots of books including many in glass cases
-Tomes on magical theory, ritual magic, journals of those with experience with the supernatural, histories, etc.
-Can be considered a Library 5 merit collection
-Nathaniel doensn’t show any supernatural abilities in normal activities
-Nathaniel appears to be in his early 20s, but talks as though his is much older
—When asked how old he is, talks about Charlemagne on a campaign; doesn’t seem to remember, but says he is human
—Supernatural was more believed in at that time and people could use it freely
—He was patriarch of his family, didn’t want to give it up, and was given immortality to watch over his family
—Thinks Leo doesn’t have the respect that family members of the past have had
—Family members all over the world, can’t watch them all, so watches out for ones that are gifted in some way to impact history
—Family doesn’t really know any details about him unless Nathaniel thinks they are ready
—Leo excels at ritual magic
-Wants to know if we want training or not before we go back out
—Community in Chicago is very violent towards hunters
—Older cities have supernatural creatures that deal with hunters quickly
—If we want to keep doing what we are doing, we should leave; if we want to hunt in Chicago, we need to either leave and learn more or train to speed up the process
—We need to discuss

We are going to stay for training and re-evaluate at the end to determine what to do

Next morning have breakfast in a very nice dining room
-We request training, Nathaniel will make some calls to see what he can do
-Leo left the night before to go home, but will be back
-Barry gives some advice on how to upgrade the computer systems

Nathaniel leaves for the day, servents only speak French
-Comes back in the evening with our cars, all are parked in the driveway

During dinner, small very old (70s or 80s) Asian man joins us, ignores our questions
-As meal ends, a woman in priest robes joins us, hugs Nathaniel, sits down and starts talking about anything and everything (later 30s or early 40s)

Old man is human, but has a brightness to his aura implying some sort of magic (augmenting him in some way)
-He is intensely curious
-Barry’s aura reading

No reading on the woman in robes

Woman introduces herself as Alice

Nathaniel says he called these two because they don’t have students right now and can teach us
-Alice can train Barry
-Bishop, the asian man, can train Gabe
-Lessa will stay at the mansion to figure out what to specialize in

Gabe and Barry are leaving for training
-will take about 2 months

Alice walks through one of the walls to leave
-Hauls Barry through the wall after her

Bishop takes Gabe to the airport to fly to China on a chartered jet
-Go into the mountains to train in an old monestary
-Very hard training
-Fight against him bare-handed with whatever weapon I want, but he is too fast to touch and can’t really hurt him
—Slowly improve to the point he has to fight with a weapon
-Then need to read a book talking about alchemy, replacing fluids in my body with others to improve abilities

Alice takes Barry through the wall into a twisted dream-reality, walking and chatting
-Chatter starts to make sense after a while
-Entities are all around her whispering, and she is talking to them while they give her information
—Appears to be what she was doing at dinner; having conversations with multiple entities at once
—Creatures are some sort of spirits, but not human spirits
-Going into a forested area with a simple shelter
-Goes through a native american vision quest
—Begins to recognize that there are spirits around him, can understand and remember what he sees and hears
—Can see patterns of reality that are everywhere
-After some time, doesn’t seem chemicals/drugs/etc. to see these things and can see the patterns on his own

Lessa spent time learning about luck and rituals
-Reality-bending situations and being forced to read things in Latin she couldn’t understand

After two months, we all head back to the mansion
-Now early February in Chicago, cold and snowy
-Meeting up at the church in Birds

At the church, Gabe goes ephemeral
-In this world, the church is in full glory with light spilling out, hymns being sung, “souls” going in an out
—Very peaceful and safe feeling
—Inside, looks like how the church looked when it was still used as a church (maybe idealized)
—Place is permeated with light
—Looking outside, there is a spot where the light ends where there used to be a fence
—Going upstairs, faintly hear noise of someone working
—In last room of hallway, see a shadow working at a table with hefty weaponry cleaning/sharpening/etc. the gear (actually happening now)
-No one inside, but feels like there is a resonance of people being there for a long time
-Barry feels that the place is where spiritual energies coincide as a locus
—Senses spirits
—Resonance of protection and peace, very strong, ground was blessed
—Spirits with negative emotions are not able to come in, spirits with positive emotions can go in freely
—Around back, see a motorcycle parked and a light on in one of the windows

Knock on the front door
-Gabe is hiding in side room
-Silence from whoever is in the house, they quietly move down the hallway
-Very small individual with a big sword
-Barry starts going inside from front, Lessa from the back, figure stops
-Kitchen looks used
-It’s Cassidy at the top of the stairs with a lighter and a gun
—When she sees it’s Gabe, she holsters the gun and puts away the lighter
-She has a 5 foot long greatsword with lots of etchings on it
—Blessing in Latin to strike down the enemies of light

We start to make dinner

Cassidy is human, but has an augmented aura around her
-Barry’s Aura Read

Question time!
-She used to work with Joe (“very good friends”)
-5 years ago, ran into Joe in Nebraska before she was a hunter (at the time was to be a sacrifice)
-Decided to join up with him to help hunt
-Went around the country, became a good team
-When Joe died, she was doing something else while he was doing a job by himself
-She is getting ready to go back to Chicago, there are news reports about unexplained fires
—Not clear who is causing them; suspects are found burned in the fires
—Used to be once every few days, now happening every night
—Going on for the last 3 weeks, must be supernatural but not sure what
-Everything we left here is as we left it, so hasn’t been comprimised that we can tell
-People think that we may be dead since we’ve been gone for so long

Going to the motel to clear out all our files and return them to the church
-No longer need to go back here, closing our account there
-Everything is now back at the church

We will do research about the fires
-Fire is a cleansing force and a spiritual force
—Used to stare into fires to see the future, separates us from animals, etc.
-Also a destructive force, i.e. the Great Chicago Fire
-Fire is used to kill supernatural creatures (and other things)
-There are good and bad elemental spirits
—There is generally a resonance to a fire based on what it is used for
—Fire may be caused by a spirit, can tell that from the resonance
-Who is being killed by these fires?

Heading to another hotel to regroup and plan
Almost no one else there because of the weather
-Barry is doing some hacking to correlate events around the fires to determine if it is supernatural
—Body count is at about 100, fires are in random places and are random building types, but places where people habitate (including where homeless people go at night)
—Fires starting at midnight
—First two weeks, not very frequent, but in third week there was a fire every night
—Geographically diverse, but not in the loop (seems not condusive to fire)
—Find a missing persons report on Daniel Rebworth, a history professor at U of Chicago on early Chicago history, especially the Great Chicago Fire
-World-wide expert on the event
—-Missing for 3 weeks
—All fires are occuring in the boundaries of where the Great Chicago Fire was, but nothing significant about the sites where the fires are occuring now
-Lessa looking through her work email
—Work has been done for her while she was gone, mostly silly work to cover for her
—Nothing related to the fires assigned to her, but there are open files about the fires
-Fires were at (in order):
—Heritage Unitarian Church in Lakeview
—Apartment building in Little Village
—Old victorian home in Oak Park
—20th floor of the First National Bank of Chicago building in Near South Side
—More fires have occured, but they haven’t been opened as cases yet
-Only 1 victim in the church fire, which was the priest, who was at the center of where the fire started making people think he started the fire for unknown reasons
-20 people died in the apartment, fire started in one of the apartments, person who lived there found a tthe center of the fire
-Oak Park home was vacant, appeared that some vagrants moved in and started a fire that got out of control, 3 were killed
-Bank fire started in men’s room, contained to the floor due to sprinklers, 3 people died, 1 survivor in a coma at NU hospital
-Everyone died of burns, not smoke inhalation (very intense fires)
-Person’s apartment where the fire started was a firefighter that reported to the church fire
-One of the people who died in the Oak Park fire was a retired arson investigator, not a vagrant (maybe victims were not vagrants?)
-Person who survied (Carl Chen) has 2nd-3rd degree burns on 90% of his body

Heading back to Chicago to do some more research
-City is in gridlock, 2.5 feet of snow, bitterly cold, people staying in-doors as much as possible
-Barry’s apartment has been untouched, lobby security seems to have been living there

Looking through all our documents:
-Demons generally have power over fire
-Some demon-possessed get abilities using fire

Going to check out the church
-Smoking ruins
-Snow is covering it, but even after 3 weeks there is residual heat (unnaturally hot)
-As we drive by, see footprints in the snow going into and out of the ruins, some seems fairly fresh (crossing the police line)
-No one else is driving around, but there are cars buried in the snow
-Crouched figure on a building across the street keeping an eye on the church
-Gabe is going ghostly to look around and shadow the thing on the building
—Church is still on fire in Twilight, intensely hot, looks like a rend in the spirit realm to hell
—Where figure is sitting, rooftop looks scorched
—On the roof, the hunched figure looks like a young man, clothing not suited for the weather, jacket on his left side has a bloody patch (old blood), duffel bag sitting next to him
-Walking around the church, Barry gets a nervous feeling
—Negative spiritual events that tore open a place between the normal and spirit world
—Fire realm, lots of spirits around
—Ruins are warm
-Lessa gets an uneasy feeling while investigating
—Rough markings all around that could be claw marks of some kind (ritual magic, but not something she has seen before) – took pictures of them
—Barry sees that the claw marks say “No humans shall pass”, lots of spirit symbols marking it as a place of fire
—Claws in a perimiter around the church, appear to be territorial markings
—Snowball that is thrown in melts and turns to steam as it nears where the alter would have been
-Lessa steps into the boundary, guy on the rooftop tenses, picks up bag, looks around the street, then jumps off the roof (Gabe follows him over)
—Cassidy turns around when he lands, hearing the sound, and spots him
—He crouches, starts across the street, shouts “Blasphemy, get out of that holy place!”
-He makes a motion with his hand, a nearby spirit runs over to Lessa, and her clothes catch fire
—Guy is covered in litle fire spirits
-Guy assumes his war form, a 10 foot tall werewolf
—Gabe offers to talk; Cassidy stops, concentrates and zones out, then comes back
—When the werewolf is hit by the silver sword, the wound immediately begins to fester, which is really gross; Gabe offers to talk again
-He makes a heat illusion in the air, steps through it and vanishes into the Twilight
-Cassidy surprised to see a werewolf, hasn’t seen one in a long time
—Generally really powerful shamans, usually travel in packs

Session 6

Body found in alley, cut up but no blood
-Anon photo on a blog showing the marking “F4GL1” on a different guy (underground fighting group post on unrelated blog)
-Something supernatural about the dead guy
-Guy found with no shirt, even though it’s cold
-Investigation of crime scene
-Car tracks leading up to alley (backing in), spun out as trying to leave
-One of the dumpsters has the lid pushed up, scuff marks on it
-Found a black contractors bag in the dumpster; coat, shirt, knives, gun, wallet (has drivers license with picture of the victim)
-Off to the side of the alley, bottle of Simple Green and rag with black smudges

Question about the victim
-Fight #, gladiator #

Barry checking for fight clubs
-Some run by the mob, some run by martial arts schools
-Fights are by invitation only, not broadcast
-Some are really, really sketchy
-Some have gotten busted, but generally none that match
-On the west side of town, moved from place to place, sent to Vinnie
—Vinnie is a bookie with thugs protecting him (police know about him but can’t do anything)
—Big fight tonight, 13 fights, very dangerous, but big payoffs
—At arena 12, leaving soon to go (followed by Alessa and Barry)

Uptown Theater is where the fight seems to be
-Closed for a long time
-My number is F2GL1
-As it gets later and closer to the fight, the bums in the area start to clear out and are gone within an hour or so
-One of the people walking in has fangs (vampire probably)

Guy helps Barry and Alessa get in
-Seems human, but has a bright aura
-Seems amused and concerned

Placing bets, looking around
-Groups of similar looking people (bikers, European nobility, etc.)

Taking seats, see that different groups are staying apart from each other
-Really rich looking folks are in boxes

Name of the guy helping Barry and Alessaa is Nathaniel
-Sitting it a box together
-Cooler set up for the box, just the three of them in there
-He carries a short staff like a cane

Local vampire court, summer king of changelings, more vampires, werewolves, a mage leader, etc. here watching
-Unknown “woman” runs the fights (Mistress Helena, appears human, “Very dangerous”)

This is apparantly the last fight night of the year
-Some fighting slots still available, it seems
-Several fights are the minions of a vampire that ran away from town, minions are being made to fight to the death

First fight
-The second fighter appears to be able to instantly heal
-Gladiator 2 wins!

My fight
-Opponent is a ghoul, seems capable in a scrappy/dirty way
-I got him on the first strike, he tried to attack me after the fight was over and was killed by a sniper in the catwalks
-$10k in an envelope
-Package with a very nice, steel blue silk shirt “To an honorable warrior”, no signiture

After my fight, I sit to watch the rest of the fights
-Fight 6 is Nathanial’s friend, a kid with a bastard sword
-Kid seems to have a lot of luck, can’t really fight (tripped and randomly stabbed out and got the other guy)
-When the kid slipped, he hit a puddle of blood that no one noticed or cleaned up; a broken chunk of weapon from a different fight stopped his sword from swinging so the other guy ran into it; other guy couldn’t see clearly due to the wall that he was going to run into the sword
-clearly supernatural

Back stage, kid called Nathaniel “uncle”, asked if they won a bunch of money
-Nathaniel says to not be so impulsive
-Kid is Leo
-Leaving to get a round of drinks
-Nathaniel talks to Leo about what to do differently
-Inside of Leo’s gi is an intricate pattern, so sort of ritual magic

NNathaniel wants to know why we killed Markus White
-Self defense, holding a friend of ours hostage (he was the aggressor)
-One of the guys in the seats was one of Markus’ ghouls; he noticed us and was watching us, we need to sneak out somehow, if possible

As we leave, one of the bikers steps in the way of Nathaniel
-Wants to kill us, Nathaniel says we are protected, and they get out of our way

We head to Nathaniel’s SUV
-He has heard of us, topic of discussion in Chicago, Markus had a lot of friends and enemies and was high-profile
-Even those that didn’t like Markus are concerned about us, not sure what we’re doing
-A lot of noise in the city right now
-Nathaniel is not a hunter, just has been around a while
-We now seem to have enemies (vampires by killing Markus, werewolves are happy about that, display interested the summer court of the changlings/fey, mage didn’t seem to care)
-Bikers were a group of vampires, not affiliated with anyone but don’t like hunters
-Alessa may be interested in learning the ritual magic at some point in the future, will take a long time to learn
-We have driven out of Chicago, drive up to a gate with a speaker, Nathaniel speaks French, gates open, drive in
-We are staying at Nathaniel’s house for the night to keep us out of trouble (very big house)

Nathaniel knows of a few hunters in Chicago
-Used to be a woman who worked with Joe(?), not sure what happened to either of them

Nathaniel makes sure everyone follows the rules (at least at the fight club)
-Vinnie books fights, he is one of Helena’s servants
-Helena is like a vampire; uses blood to sustain herself, but not like a vampire; stay away from her

House is large, we stay in guest rooms
-Library has a lot of books written in various languages
-Get a good wifi signal, there’s a server room in the house that is donig continuous searches
-Gabe is going to work out and spar with Leo
-Alessa spends time in the library with Nathaniel
-Barry is working in the server room to improve what is going on there

5xp each for the session

Session 5

Thomas (and a large group from the soup kitchen) disappeared for about a day, then returned.
-From down time

Heading back down to Hoopstown to talk to Agnes re: Thomas’ brother’s death
-Arrive at 9am, picked up donuts
-We are all wired to hear/talk with each other, Gabe stays in the car to keep watch

Talk with Barney Fife, Agnes is nearby
-There’s been a murder, although the officials don’t seem to think so
-Wild dog attack 3 weeks ago
-Kids attacked at homecoming party, one of them was killed (junior is high school)
-No one saw anything, he went off to pee, others heard him scream, no one found him until the next day
-Location given, same place as all the other attacks (in the woods)
-Kid from one of the houses that is always getting attacked (4 so far this year)
-No high school kids in the other 4 houses (need to check prior years if any houses not attacked had kids of the right age)
-No official reports in town, sheriff has everything
-Will share info as we get it
-Shouldn’t meet with family right now
-Kids attacked have little or nothing in common (not friends, didn’t do stuff together, etc.)
—Stewart on scholastic team
—Bobby on football team
-Someone lives in all 8 houses that are routinely attacked
-Will make sure that kids in other 4 houses avoid the woods

Talk with Agnes
-Discussing details of attack on her brother
-Will meet for lunch at 10:30 (in an hour or so)

Checking out the woods at attack site
-Raining recently
-Large, open area that is hard to see from road, but good for gatherings
-Grass beaten down, looks like a big party that lasted a while
—Garbage on the ground
-Break in the tree line of the clearing, leads to a smaller clearing
—This is the murder scene; mostly cleaned up
—There were a number of large dogs waiting around the smaller clearing waiting for him to get there, then dragged him off further from the main meadow
—Dogs dragged kid to a person, then the dogs and person leave together
—Person was about 5-5.5 feet tall, about 120 pounds
—Following tracks further, find an old, burned-out house in the woods
-Sneaking around the house
—Big dog hiding around the north side of the house
—Mostly just the chimney is still there, most of the rest of the house is charred and caved in
—Another dog hiding on the west side of the house
-Google drive-by of the fertilizer plant

Meeting Agnes at the bar
-Brother’s name is Zachariah
-Agnes says Zack was in his 90’s when he died
-Agnes will be 83 in March
-Thinks Zack had a heart attack
-Barry gets nothing from mind reading
-Zack was there when Tommy was attacked
—Were meeting friends in the woods
—While waiting, Tommy was attacked, Zack drove off the dogs, then they went back to town
—Zack wasn’t harmed, he killed two of them with bare hands
—When this happened, Tommy wouldn’t have been in high school (too old, in his 20s)
-Old Boller place is what’s out in the woods (burned down house)
—Before first world war, family lived there
—Claimed kid killed several schoolmates, and the parents of those kids burned down the house
—Rumors that it’s haunted, Nickey Boller will get you, etc.
—Agnes checked it out once, didn’t see anything interesting
—Dog attacks started right after this (Agnes has old newspaper from this time, we will check this out at 2pm or so when she gets off work)
-Agnes not sure if Zack and Thomas were checking into the Boller place at that time
-Agnes is holding something back, but not sure what
-We will meet her for dinner at her house

Research at the library
-Found article about the fire at the Boller place
—Large number of parents at the scene, police classified as an accident, no investigation
-8 murders total, kids within a year or two of each other in high school (1902)
-Find old class pictures from the time
—Took pictures of the pictures, match names to pictures
-Kids killed in 1902 matches up to houses where kids are still being attacked
-Two adult skeletons found in the house a few weeks later
—Nothing for the kid found at the house
-Find a record of one of the 8 houses purchased by the Logan family
—No appearance of relation to Bollers or original 8 families

Agnes lives across the street from the house they grew up in
-She has 2 small dogs
-Lots of pictures of kids on the walls
—Kids she took care of (elementary school aged)
—Had a foster house

Dinner with Agnes
-Articles about all 8 murders
-Article about finding the skeletons
—Remains sent to county morgue, processed as Does, buried in unmarked graves
-Never found Nicky’s body, assume that the two bodies found were his parents
-Found a diary from one of the mothers of a kid that was killed
—All 8 children were attacked by animals, no link to Nicky, but everyone “knew” it was him
—All the other kids picked on Nicky
-Could be a vampire? 130 years old and controls dogs?
-No silver in the whole house
-Gabe takes a look around on the way to the bathroom
—Lots of herbs and flowers scenting the house
—Kitchen has a door to the cellar, door to back yard
-Says supernatural questions are weird to ask someone
—Barry reads thoughts, the word “werewolf” comes up in her mind
—Lessa can tell she is holding something back
—Agnes think it’s a serial killer? That is silly.
-She recalls something odd
—House rumored to be haunted, kids dare each other to go there, but it’s out of the way
—One kid who came back drew a picture for one of the kids she took care of
-She roots through some boxes, Gabe sees papers with weird symbols on them that she tries to hide
-Paper has an odd drawing (pentagram, square in a circle, T A X S H at the points)
—Symbol that has to do with demonology
—Kid said he saw that symbol in the house
—Shtax is the name of a demon, claims to be an angel to help people in need but ends up messing with them
-Agnes is actively being deceptive about knowing that this looks supernatural
—Says that monsters want to remain hidden, don’t want stories spread about them
—Will not go in-depth about this
-Gabe goes to take a few pictures of the papers with symbols on them

Head back to the motel

Research werewolves
-Not much info available
-Very fast, strong, vicious
-Easier to trick them
-Can hide well
-People can feel if a werewolf is pissed at them and wants them to go
-Silver hurts them
-No first-hand accounts available, generally about finding one and running away
-Generally run in packs, not alone
-No connection between full moon and werewolves is confirmed

Research demons
-They follow rules
-Everything they say is a lie
-Keep something holy/blessed on hand

Research silver
-Only werewolves are hurt by silver, regaredless of stories of other creatures

Murder and Thomas disappearing did not happen at same time

Reserach Shtax
-When first encountered, rides on a large black down
-First appears to be an angel, but once hooked shows to be a demon

Symbols from Agnes’ house
-Clearly some kind of language, not sure what
-Barry finds symbols on the margin of a website, but computer batteries go dead and can’t be recharged

Calling Rune
-Doesn’t sound like werewolves
—Would be way more violent
—Probably a spirit or demon, basically the same thing
-Shtax doesn’t sound familiar, but all these things have lots of names
—Get blessed stuff, need to be able to make a binding circle and the ritual for it
-If a spirit possesses someone, it can keep the person alive for a very long time
—Bind the spirit or kill the person
-Can bind them to a circle until they can get out of it, bind them to an item until the contract ends, etc.
-Kill the person, they get banished until they find another way back
-Will send us info about binding for use in the future
-Some priests/etc. that know the right ritual can bless an item
—May not be needed for this

Next morning, head back to the house in the woods
-Dog hiding under the porch, dosed steak thrown to it but doesn’t eat it
-Don’t see anything by the back door to the cellar, sneaking over to it
—Doors look very solid, not charred and in ruins
—Dogs hiding in the woods around the house
-At cellar door, hear a human voice, but can’t tell what is being said
—Distract dogs, head on down

-A bit messy, but not ashy from the fire
—Boxes, work bench, etc.
-Sleeping pallet, guy on it talking to himself with a dog
—Looks like a scrawny high school kid covered in rags, bruises; hands end in sharp black claws
—Appears to be completely insane, just attacks

Killed Nicky, his body turned into ash, dogs stopped attacking as soon as he died
-Found “trophies” of his prior killings
-Symbol scratched into the walls all over the place

10 xp each, communal XP TBD

Session 4

No luck finding out what creature can pixelate pictures.

The two other guys in the picture are part of a bodyguard service that works for elite, very rich clientele.
-Both have various charges on their record for violent crimes, but all charges are dropped before anything can happen.
-Anyone hurt by them are severely beaten, more like what 8 or 10 people could inflict
-Records go back to the 1930s, so they are likely supernatural creatures

Tried to contact the survivor from 1950s attack, got his answering machine with a generic message
-Address looks correct, so he should be there
-Credit cards, etc. all appear to be in use
-Doesn’t have internet
-Is old, on social security
-Name is Thomas Logan
-Attends church, volunteers at soup kitchen, lives in Rogers Park

Visiting Thomas’ home
-Lessa going in official capacity
-Building is old and gross, but seems normal
-Bent over old man with walker, moves slowly
-Apartment old and dusty, photos on walls, old beaten furniture
-Lessa takes photos of pictures on walls
-Many of photos have picutres of people with large crucifixes
-Most/all photos depict something religious (Navajo rain dances, faith healing, etc.) or people in those photos
-Barry notices there are many feral (but normal looking) dogs in the area, way more than seems normal
-Dogs seems fearless
-Gabe sees one of the bodyguards from the photo watching us and doing a good job of hiding
-He is taking pictures of us with his phone
-Thomas claims he used to have a lot of money (a joke?)
-Has been working at the soup kitchen for 20 years or so
-Moved out of Hoopstown right after he was almost killed
-Very hot summer, lots of kids outside
-Remembers that night, a friend wanted to meet in the woods for drinks/ladies/etc.
-Went out a little early, friend went back to his car to get stuff, was cleaning up the area, and a dog appeared and bit him
-Friend got his rifle from his car, shot the dog, it got a little away before it went down
-Feral dogs were not unusual in the area (rural area, lots of animals)
-Other dogs nearby, as well, so got in the car and went to a movie once other friends got there
-Forearm is a mess of scars
-Went to doctor the next day, was OK
-No problems with dogs since then
-Whole family moved after that, shouldn’t be in the area if there are animal attacks
-Traveled with his older brother seeing the world
-Brother is dead, 30 years ago, pneumonia
-No real significance to the photos, just liked to travel around?
-Stop and see these things while on the road
-Heard about dog attacks in Hoopstown, knew about people who were attacked, but not unusual at that time
-Doesn’t know why his family originally moved to Hoopstown
-Dad was insurance salesman, mom was a homemaker
-Also had a much younger sister (Agnes)
-Lives in Hoopstown, was too young to know about what had happened
-Works for sheriff, never married (works the front desk and office)
-Thomas never married or had kids
-Spent all his money traveling, never really had a job
-After depression, just had money
-Worked in “sales” at stores, never really had a full time job (clothes, catalogs, etc.)
-Can’t think of anything odd from over the years
-As Lessa walks out, bodyguard takes a few more photos, then starts to get ready to leave
-Gabe sees license plate of car he gets into, writes it down
-Rental car from Avis, no name associated with the rental, just a credit card, all info blocked out

People at soup kitchen all recognize Thomas
-Gabe waits an hour, then leaves
-Notices that every so often, different homeless people stop to talk to him for 5-10 minutes which doesn’t appear to be unusual
-Cameras in the soup kitchen, but nothing faces into the dining room (faces doors, kitchen, etc.)

Gabe talks to one of the people who talked to Thomas
-Notice that he is itchy/twitchy, has withdrawal symptoms
-People tend to disappear or die, everyone sticks to themself

Gabe goes to talk to Thomas
-Thomas is suspicious
-Don’t stay in the Loop, people tend to disappear from there
-Don’t trust anyone who offers anything
-Hide if being followed

Thomas looks around as he’s walking home

Cameras in the soup kitchen can be monitored by Barry via Wifi

Info on Thomas’ brother
-Police report: Disturbace at Thomas’ apartment, brother in serious condition, went to hospital
-Medical report: Serious internal damagae, but no external injuries
-Obituary: Died of natural causes (pneumonia)

Lessa looks at written officer notes from when Thomas’ brother was killed
-A few pages not in the scanned report from witness interviews
-All people stonewalled cops, wouldn’t say anything but he just collapsed; cop thought people were lying but couldn’t prove it
-Pictures of apartment look similar to when Lessa visited

Note from Markus with things that set us up
-FBI people exist, but can’t find memo
-Wanted poster real, but not sent out yet
-Police people are real, can’t find email on server
-Investigations are real
-Murders in different parts of the country that were done with an edged blade
-Murder at crack house, thinks it’s a police officer b/c police gun was used
-Investigation for wire fraud, etc.

Note from flower girl (Cassidy) that murders have started again, and to help

Calling Rune for help/advice
-Suggest we go after Markus, but do it right this time
-Doesn’t know anyone in Chicago who could help
-Minions are human

The place to meet Markus is likely an abandoned station

Email sent to Archangel about where we’re going, what we’re doing

May be able to reason with Markus
-We have Super Soakers with gas and holy water, plus flares, lighters, etc.

No active trains through the area where to meet Markus
-A little light under the hatch
-Other people are watching in the area, not only on the location but each other
-Passing signals to each other, look scruffy and physical
-Lots of cameras nearby that are intentionally pointed away from the hatch

Hatch is open, we head on in
-Stairs go down, looks like a closed entrance to an old subway
-Utility lines deactivated, so light is coming from somewhere else
-Evidence of people having gone through here, recently cleaned a bit
-People nearby start looking at us as soon as we get to the hatch, then back away from the area to disappear (the ones who were communicating with each other)
-Other people are not actively looking around, but not at us, then start to fade away too (two groups of people)

In the hatch
-Path down, light gets better the further we go down
-Hear whispered conversation as we get closer to the platform

Markus looks nervous, Cassidy is pretending to be drugged, bodyguards are ready to go
-Cassidy shot, negotiations have broken down
-Cassidy pinned Markus so that he could be staked

Markus staked, bodyguards killed
-Gabe scored Markus’ wakizashi (yay), guns and armor scored from bodyguards
-Markus decapitated, burned, holy water on the ashes
-Bodyguards also decapitated, burned holy water on ashes

Streets clear once we get back to the street

Drop Cassidy at the hospital
-Attacks happening now, even though it isn’t the summer

Many rich people in town disappeared overnight after the attack

Cassidy didn’t check in to the hospital, number she gave us was fake

Rune contacts us to see how we are

10xp, plus 8xp from session #2 (cummulative 18xp)

Session 2


Friend was killed in Hoopston by “wild dogs” (Joe)

Body was cremated

Will said we get his condo, money, bank accounts, etc. (in Chicago)

Has weird collections in his condo, plus a plot of land in the middle of nowhere (hard to find)

Also have his journal, he has been hunting supernatural creatures

Markus White is the vampire we killed in college, but may not be dead (according to Joe)

Joe has all his money from hacking Markus’ bank accounts


Found in condo (downtown Chicago):

-door was broken into with an autokey of some kind

-hear the sound of plastic warping, as if under extreme heat

-files cabinets and computer have been burned, but the fire is out

-computer has been rigged to destroy the hard drive, but Barry takes the hard drive anyway

-file cabinets were rigged to burn if anyone tried to mess with them, probably by Joe

-condo looks like it was quickly tossed

-no towels in the bathroom, only in the linen closet (implies that he doesn’t actually live here, it’s a safe house)

-found a map of Birds, IL, showning an address where the plot of land may be

-found a deed for the property with the map (2 story house, fireplace, etc.)

From the hard drive:

-Markus White

-Run Anders (friend of his?)

-an email titled to Books from Archangel

Hoopston has very little crime, but a month every year shows a spike in animal attacks

-same time that Joe was killed

-some werewolves run with wolf/dog packs

-vampires can control some kinds of predator animals

-journal entry on hellhounds


-infernal hunting dogs

-slightly intelligent, can strike out on their own

-can breed with dogs and make hybrids (of which there can be packs)

-appear to be normal dogs, but have infernal abilities

Run Anders

-lives in Bilings, MT, is 73, has degree from UMontana in surgery

-retired for 20 years

-no known address, has RV

-was a practicing doctor, noted for some miraculous cures

-well-liked and exceptional, but stayed local MT

-almost 7 feet tall and beefy

-may be Archangel?


-no other properties found in his name

-found 2 titles for cars (Land Rover and Mustang)

-neither car by condo, but lists condo on title

-Hoopston police show a Land Rover has been impounded, but not searched (just found it a couple days ago on a back road just inside the city by where Joe was killed)


-killings of local chickens lately

-Officer Fife

Birds, IL:

-about 3 hours south, a ghost town of 15 people

-Joe bought the church in town

We buy supplies as mentioned in Joe’s journal

Pre-cog info:

-metal locker in the church

-Joe’s effects at the ME

-there is a Hunter in “the area” that can help us

At ME getting Joe’s effects:

-Revolver (seen a lot of use)

-Ring of keys

-digital camera

-smart phone

-silver bracelet, tarnished


-receipts for shells (for shotgun)

-credit cards used for guns, hotels, camping supplies; show out of state purchases in a circuit of cities

Smart phone:

-no info initially

-at church, able to get into it

-received text messages from throw-away phones



-wooded area outside of small town

-paw print about the size of a hand


-brick, solid structure

-heavily booby-trapped

-AC is on in the building

-disarmed trap with electronic key

-have keys for normal lock, door squeaks as it opens

-top floor is a Hunter safe house

-basement can be barracaded as a panic room

—has library, workbenches, concrete floor, file cabinets, computers, gunsmithing station, etc.

-locker has a padlock and heavy-duty bars

—filled with supplies

Computer in church:

-5 years worth of investigations into the supernatural

-receipts with notes about where things are purchased

-not connected to a network

-list of suspected vampires in Chicago


-mostly vampire info, but other stuff, too (incl. demons)

-library merit 3

-very old first-hand information, including 2000 year old sigils, etc.


—pack-mates of hellhounds become more aggressive, etc. (tainted) that goes away when removed

—hybrids are always this aggressive

—hellhounds are killed if their heads are cut off

—holy items may help?

—generally much larger and faster than dogs, have claws instead of normal nails on their paws (designed for killing)

While in the basement, hear someone upstairs moving around trying to be quiet

-average looking guy in mid-30s with a knife sneaking around the first floor

-moves around like he knows how to handle himself

-knocked him out, but good in a fight

-in wallet is $2000, fake ID, insurance card for car

-car with stolen plates (map with directions to church in the car)

-throw away phone with no info

Man while knocked out:

-man’s wounds have healed while he was knocked out with no scars

-regeneration ability is similar to vampires, but he doesn’t appear to be a vampire

-guy is a ghoul, drinks vampire blood, is a lackey for some vampire

—has finite pool of supernatural abilities from blood before being a normal human


-boss is Markus, apparently

-Markus killed Joe, is looking for us, apparently knew we were here and sent the ghoul

-emptied out what we could from the safe house, destroyed the rest

While emptying out the church, got a text on Joe’s phone that someone is looting the church

-sent note back as if from Joe that he sent friends

-5 minutes after note, knock at door (Cassidy, friend of Joe’s)

-claims she is from town and met Joe at the store

-blond young woman, pretty, jeans and t-shirt, purse and basket (dinner?)

-when we sent a text, didn’t hear a notice go off

-appears sad that Joe was in an accident and we’re getting his stuff together

-gives basket to us; she has dinner with Joe when he’s in town

-friends would come in from time to time, but Joe was very normal

-says her father was hurt in an accident, she stays to take care of him and works at the diner

-flood 10 years ago

-no motel in town, but lots of places in the highway

-dad worked at fertilizer plant, broke his leg falling off a ledge

-yummy food in the basket

Session 1

Some basic notes from our initial meet:
We were all friends with Joe from College (traumatic event- found vampire on campus, fought him, buried him at a crossroads; name Marcus White) and received word about his death in Hoopestown, IL at his job as a journalist though we don’t know why he was there. He was bitten multiple times before death and was evidently killed by a pack of feral dogs. He was autopsied and subsequently cremated. Reviewed ME paperwork.
We inherited his estate including:
- saving fund set up for the past 3 years
– determined he was siphoning off money from Marcus White
- Title to a property in Nowhereville, IL; bought 2 years ago
- vehicles
– Land Rover (which is in Hopestown, IL)
– mustang
- Chicago apartment

He had several contacts:
- Rune Andrews from Billing’s Montana 73yo with doctorate in surgery

We travelled to his property which was in Bird’s, IL. Had a vision about needing to look at a metal lockbox and it was somewhere there. Got some effects (including key I think) before leaving.

Next meeting (Matt, did you take notes on this?)
Briefly: We went to our property which was an old church that had been fortified. A man (aka ghoul) ended up breaking in- we interviewed him and found out he worked for Marcus White. We packed up as much as we could from the church and hit the road. Other events: met a neighbor (young woman) who had been interested in Joe.

We split town and started heading towards Hoopestown to investigate Joe’s death. We left the flower child at a hotel guarding the stuff and went to the Police station (with donuts). Met with Barney Fife and picked up Joe’s belongings: SUV, knife, multitool, stake and laptop.

Laptop investigated- able to pull up addresses:
Hoopestown: Multiple locations including High school, police station, hospital, motel (we found a key for Rm 5 in the car), Kill location and 5 residential addresses (all over, ~ same age; all lost someone in the past year to wild animals
Chicago: the condo, 5 addresses (public housing, excaliber club, Shedd loading dock)
Birds, IL: his address + 3 other residential addresses (Smith family, 2 large trailor parks)

Further investigation:
- Motel Room 5. Found musty clothes, basic supplies. Guy at Hotel rented it to us for a while longer. Said Joe used to meet up with some people periodically in his back room. Rm 5 (had a view of the office, only one window and one door).
– found a card: Steven Jackson + email + St. Paul Minnesota Travelling repairman
– called Steven Jackson, plan for visit at hotel at 7pm tonight
- Hoopestown properties: 5 residents killed, all in high school, different classes, death’s were all near Joe’s car.
- Talked with Barney Fife again: he got an “email” from us (fake- we got the IP/ address info) and he was investigating events, too:
– same 8 houses loosing students/ kids for past 8 years during the summer months.
– several moved away
– we took addresses from people
– dozens of attacks over 80 years, same 8 houses
- one attack was with Thomas Logan in the 1950’s. He was attacked at 18 yo by wild dogs but some friends scared off the dogs, he was transferred to the hospital, ended up leaving town at 20 years old and now lives in Chicago
- Talked with families, not outdoors type, not sure why went into woods; in one of the houses, lots of old bones in the back yard; they just threw them away.

Meeting at 7pm that night at the hotel:
- 2 vans, trailors and bikes; Man asked if we found Joe’s bracelet; he knew the h/o of our college adventures. Met with Dr. Rune Andrews at the hotel (older now, still tough looking); a plain-looking girl who very easily blends in (eery-like), Margaret; Steve
- They reviewed some basics for us:
– for minions: they’re all addicts.
- we get the number for ArcAngel

Visited Bird again:
- there was a house with some windows boarded but has a semi-lived look (not recent but not abandoned either).
- 2 trailor parks. one office, no trailors, overgrown (calendar inside showed 3/2008 and was dusty). Path out back with tent stakes along it and dates. Initially all in 2011 with different numbers, then noted had groups of 2010-2012 with different numbers. Dug one up: (we took a note of the dates for later investigation); we found bones in a box and took an imprint of the teeth.

Returned to Chicago to Barry’s place:
Hacked into Laptop: noted to not have internet connectivity.
- database with names/ #s/ emails/ addresses
= ex: Rune Andrews, Steven Jackson, Margaret
– police officer in detroit
– several in Sioux falls, South Dakota
- organized by case name and there are dozens of files.
1. “Hellhound” at Hoopstown
2. Bird: church info/ town history
3. Files with info on supernatural creatures
4. “bones” name and date and number: ~50 dating back to 2005.
– names correspond to peeps killed by animal attacks in hoopstown
1. Info we have and then ? if any relation to ms. See “bones” file. Some files for specific victims from various psychologists. 2009 on, all victims with “emotional problems”→ vary psychology, varying meds

Notes taken at the end:
- People as King at Barry’s place. The ghoul, Thug and person staticy picture.
Left→ hotel in burbs


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