Session 1

Some basic notes from our initial meet:
We were all friends with Joe from College (traumatic event- found vampire on campus, fought him, buried him at a crossroads; name Marcus White) and received word about his death in Hoopestown, IL at his job as a journalist though we don’t know why he was there. He was bitten multiple times before death and was evidently killed by a pack of feral dogs. He was autopsied and subsequently cremated. Reviewed ME paperwork.
We inherited his estate including:
- saving fund set up for the past 3 years
– determined he was siphoning off money from Marcus White
- Title to a property in Nowhereville, IL; bought 2 years ago
- vehicles
– Land Rover (which is in Hopestown, IL)
– mustang
- Chicago apartment

He had several contacts:
- Rune Andrews from Billing’s Montana 73yo with doctorate in surgery

We travelled to his property which was in Bird’s, IL. Had a vision about needing to look at a metal lockbox and it was somewhere there. Got some effects (including key I think) before leaving.

Next meeting (Matt, did you take notes on this?)
Briefly: We went to our property which was an old church that had been fortified. A man (aka ghoul) ended up breaking in- we interviewed him and found out he worked for Marcus White. We packed up as much as we could from the church and hit the road. Other events: met a neighbor (young woman) who had been interested in Joe.

We split town and started heading towards Hoopestown to investigate Joe’s death. We left the flower child at a hotel guarding the stuff and went to the Police station (with donuts). Met with Barney Fife and picked up Joe’s belongings: SUV, knife, multitool, stake and laptop.

Laptop investigated- able to pull up addresses:
Hoopestown: Multiple locations including High school, police station, hospital, motel (we found a key for Rm 5 in the car), Kill location and 5 residential addresses (all over, ~ same age; all lost someone in the past year to wild animals
Chicago: the condo, 5 addresses (public housing, excaliber club, Shedd loading dock)
Birds, IL: his address + 3 other residential addresses (Smith family, 2 large trailor parks)

Further investigation:
- Motel Room 5. Found musty clothes, basic supplies. Guy at Hotel rented it to us for a while longer. Said Joe used to meet up with some people periodically in his back room. Rm 5 (had a view of the office, only one window and one door).
– found a card: Steven Jackson + email + St. Paul Minnesota Travelling repairman
– called Steven Jackson, plan for visit at hotel at 7pm tonight
- Hoopestown properties: 5 residents killed, all in high school, different classes, death’s were all near Joe’s car.
- Talked with Barney Fife again: he got an “email” from us (fake- we got the IP/ address info) and he was investigating events, too:
– same 8 houses loosing students/ kids for past 8 years during the summer months.
– several moved away
– we took addresses from people
– dozens of attacks over 80 years, same 8 houses
- one attack was with Thomas Logan in the 1950’s. He was attacked at 18 yo by wild dogs but some friends scared off the dogs, he was transferred to the hospital, ended up leaving town at 20 years old and now lives in Chicago
- Talked with families, not outdoors type, not sure why went into woods; in one of the houses, lots of old bones in the back yard; they just threw them away.

Meeting at 7pm that night at the hotel:
- 2 vans, trailors and bikes; Man asked if we found Joe’s bracelet; he knew the h/o of our college adventures. Met with Dr. Rune Andrews at the hotel (older now, still tough looking); a plain-looking girl who very easily blends in (eery-like), Margaret; Steve
- They reviewed some basics for us:
– for minions: they’re all addicts.
- we get the number for ArcAngel

Visited Bird again:
- there was a house with some windows boarded but has a semi-lived look (not recent but not abandoned either).
- 2 trailor parks. one office, no trailors, overgrown (calendar inside showed 3/2008 and was dusty). Path out back with tent stakes along it and dates. Initially all in 2011 with different numbers, then noted had groups of 2010-2012 with different numbers. Dug one up: (we took a note of the dates for later investigation); we found bones in a box and took an imprint of the teeth.

Returned to Chicago to Barry’s place:
Hacked into Laptop: noted to not have internet connectivity.
- database with names/ #s/ emails/ addresses
= ex: Rune Andrews, Steven Jackson, Margaret
– police officer in detroit
– several in Sioux falls, South Dakota
- organized by case name and there are dozens of files.
1. “Hellhound” at Hoopstown
2. Bird: church info/ town history
3. Files with info on supernatural creatures
4. “bones” name and date and number: ~50 dating back to 2005.
– names correspond to peeps killed by animal attacks in hoopstown
1. Info we have and then ? if any relation to ms. See “bones” file. Some files for specific victims from various psychologists. 2009 on, all victims with “emotional problems”→ vary psychology, varying meds

Notes taken at the end:
- People as King at Barry’s place. The ghoul, Thug and person staticy picture.
Left→ hotel in burbs


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