Session 2


Friend was killed in Hoopston by “wild dogs” (Joe)

Body was cremated

Will said we get his condo, money, bank accounts, etc. (in Chicago)

Has weird collections in his condo, plus a plot of land in the middle of nowhere (hard to find)

Also have his journal, he has been hunting supernatural creatures

Markus White is the vampire we killed in college, but may not be dead (according to Joe)

Joe has all his money from hacking Markus’ bank accounts


Found in condo (downtown Chicago):

-door was broken into with an autokey of some kind

-hear the sound of plastic warping, as if under extreme heat

-files cabinets and computer have been burned, but the fire is out

-computer has been rigged to destroy the hard drive, but Barry takes the hard drive anyway

-file cabinets were rigged to burn if anyone tried to mess with them, probably by Joe

-condo looks like it was quickly tossed

-no towels in the bathroom, only in the linen closet (implies that he doesn’t actually live here, it’s a safe house)

-found a map of Birds, IL, showning an address where the plot of land may be

-found a deed for the property with the map (2 story house, fireplace, etc.)

From the hard drive:

-Markus White

-Run Anders (friend of his?)

-an email titled to Books from Archangel

Hoopston has very little crime, but a month every year shows a spike in animal attacks

-same time that Joe was killed

-some werewolves run with wolf/dog packs

-vampires can control some kinds of predator animals

-journal entry on hellhounds


-infernal hunting dogs

-slightly intelligent, can strike out on their own

-can breed with dogs and make hybrids (of which there can be packs)

-appear to be normal dogs, but have infernal abilities

Run Anders

-lives in Bilings, MT, is 73, has degree from UMontana in surgery

-retired for 20 years

-no known address, has RV

-was a practicing doctor, noted for some miraculous cures

-well-liked and exceptional, but stayed local MT

-almost 7 feet tall and beefy

-may be Archangel?


-no other properties found in his name

-found 2 titles for cars (Land Rover and Mustang)

-neither car by condo, but lists condo on title

-Hoopston police show a Land Rover has been impounded, but not searched (just found it a couple days ago on a back road just inside the city by where Joe was killed)


-killings of local chickens lately

-Officer Fife

Birds, IL:

-about 3 hours south, a ghost town of 15 people

-Joe bought the church in town

We buy supplies as mentioned in Joe’s journal

Pre-cog info:

-metal locker in the church

-Joe’s effects at the ME

-there is a Hunter in “the area” that can help us

At ME getting Joe’s effects:

-Revolver (seen a lot of use)

-Ring of keys

-digital camera

-smart phone

-silver bracelet, tarnished


-receipts for shells (for shotgun)

-credit cards used for guns, hotels, camping supplies; show out of state purchases in a circuit of cities

Smart phone:

-no info initially

-at church, able to get into it

-received text messages from throw-away phones



-wooded area outside of small town

-paw print about the size of a hand


-brick, solid structure

-heavily booby-trapped

-AC is on in the building

-disarmed trap with electronic key

-have keys for normal lock, door squeaks as it opens

-top floor is a Hunter safe house

-basement can be barracaded as a panic room

—has library, workbenches, concrete floor, file cabinets, computers, gunsmithing station, etc.

-locker has a padlock and heavy-duty bars

—filled with supplies

Computer in church:

-5 years worth of investigations into the supernatural

-receipts with notes about where things are purchased

-not connected to a network

-list of suspected vampires in Chicago


-mostly vampire info, but other stuff, too (incl. demons)

-library merit 3

-very old first-hand information, including 2000 year old sigils, etc.


—pack-mates of hellhounds become more aggressive, etc. (tainted) that goes away when removed

—hybrids are always this aggressive

—hellhounds are killed if their heads are cut off

—holy items may help?

—generally much larger and faster than dogs, have claws instead of normal nails on their paws (designed for killing)

While in the basement, hear someone upstairs moving around trying to be quiet

-average looking guy in mid-30s with a knife sneaking around the first floor

-moves around like he knows how to handle himself

-knocked him out, but good in a fight

-in wallet is $2000, fake ID, insurance card for car

-car with stolen plates (map with directions to church in the car)

-throw away phone with no info

Man while knocked out:

-man’s wounds have healed while he was knocked out with no scars

-regeneration ability is similar to vampires, but he doesn’t appear to be a vampire

-guy is a ghoul, drinks vampire blood, is a lackey for some vampire

—has finite pool of supernatural abilities from blood before being a normal human


-boss is Markus, apparently

-Markus killed Joe, is looking for us, apparently knew we were here and sent the ghoul

-emptied out what we could from the safe house, destroyed the rest

While emptying out the church, got a text on Joe’s phone that someone is looting the church

-sent note back as if from Joe that he sent friends

-5 minutes after note, knock at door (Cassidy, friend of Joe’s)

-claims she is from town and met Joe at the store

-blond young woman, pretty, jeans and t-shirt, purse and basket (dinner?)

-when we sent a text, didn’t hear a notice go off

-appears sad that Joe was in an accident and we’re getting his stuff together

-gives basket to us; she has dinner with Joe when he’s in town

-friends would come in from time to time, but Joe was very normal

-says her father was hurt in an accident, she stays to take care of him and works at the diner

-flood 10 years ago

-no motel in town, but lots of places in the highway

-dad worked at fertilizer plant, broke his leg falling off a ledge

-yummy food in the basket


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