Session 4

No luck finding out what creature can pixelate pictures.

The two other guys in the picture are part of a bodyguard service that works for elite, very rich clientele.
-Both have various charges on their record for violent crimes, but all charges are dropped before anything can happen.
-Anyone hurt by them are severely beaten, more like what 8 or 10 people could inflict
-Records go back to the 1930s, so they are likely supernatural creatures

Tried to contact the survivor from 1950s attack, got his answering machine with a generic message
-Address looks correct, so he should be there
-Credit cards, etc. all appear to be in use
-Doesn’t have internet
-Is old, on social security
-Name is Thomas Logan
-Attends church, volunteers at soup kitchen, lives in Rogers Park

Visiting Thomas’ home
-Lessa going in official capacity
-Building is old and gross, but seems normal
-Bent over old man with walker, moves slowly
-Apartment old and dusty, photos on walls, old beaten furniture
-Lessa takes photos of pictures on walls
-Many of photos have picutres of people with large crucifixes
-Most/all photos depict something religious (Navajo rain dances, faith healing, etc.) or people in those photos
-Barry notices there are many feral (but normal looking) dogs in the area, way more than seems normal
-Dogs seems fearless
-Gabe sees one of the bodyguards from the photo watching us and doing a good job of hiding
-He is taking pictures of us with his phone
-Thomas claims he used to have a lot of money (a joke?)
-Has been working at the soup kitchen for 20 years or so
-Moved out of Hoopstown right after he was almost killed
-Very hot summer, lots of kids outside
-Remembers that night, a friend wanted to meet in the woods for drinks/ladies/etc.
-Went out a little early, friend went back to his car to get stuff, was cleaning up the area, and a dog appeared and bit him
-Friend got his rifle from his car, shot the dog, it got a little away before it went down
-Feral dogs were not unusual in the area (rural area, lots of animals)
-Other dogs nearby, as well, so got in the car and went to a movie once other friends got there
-Forearm is a mess of scars
-Went to doctor the next day, was OK
-No problems with dogs since then
-Whole family moved after that, shouldn’t be in the area if there are animal attacks
-Traveled with his older brother seeing the world
-Brother is dead, 30 years ago, pneumonia
-No real significance to the photos, just liked to travel around?
-Stop and see these things while on the road
-Heard about dog attacks in Hoopstown, knew about people who were attacked, but not unusual at that time
-Doesn’t know why his family originally moved to Hoopstown
-Dad was insurance salesman, mom was a homemaker
-Also had a much younger sister (Agnes)
-Lives in Hoopstown, was too young to know about what had happened
-Works for sheriff, never married (works the front desk and office)
-Thomas never married or had kids
-Spent all his money traveling, never really had a job
-After depression, just had money
-Worked in “sales” at stores, never really had a full time job (clothes, catalogs, etc.)
-Can’t think of anything odd from over the years
-As Lessa walks out, bodyguard takes a few more photos, then starts to get ready to leave
-Gabe sees license plate of car he gets into, writes it down
-Rental car from Avis, no name associated with the rental, just a credit card, all info blocked out

People at soup kitchen all recognize Thomas
-Gabe waits an hour, then leaves
-Notices that every so often, different homeless people stop to talk to him for 5-10 minutes which doesn’t appear to be unusual
-Cameras in the soup kitchen, but nothing faces into the dining room (faces doors, kitchen, etc.)

Gabe talks to one of the people who talked to Thomas
-Notice that he is itchy/twitchy, has withdrawal symptoms
-People tend to disappear or die, everyone sticks to themself

Gabe goes to talk to Thomas
-Thomas is suspicious
-Don’t stay in the Loop, people tend to disappear from there
-Don’t trust anyone who offers anything
-Hide if being followed

Thomas looks around as he’s walking home

Cameras in the soup kitchen can be monitored by Barry via Wifi

Info on Thomas’ brother
-Police report: Disturbace at Thomas’ apartment, brother in serious condition, went to hospital
-Medical report: Serious internal damagae, but no external injuries
-Obituary: Died of natural causes (pneumonia)

Lessa looks at written officer notes from when Thomas’ brother was killed
-A few pages not in the scanned report from witness interviews
-All people stonewalled cops, wouldn’t say anything but he just collapsed; cop thought people were lying but couldn’t prove it
-Pictures of apartment look similar to when Lessa visited

Note from Markus with things that set us up
-FBI people exist, but can’t find memo
-Wanted poster real, but not sent out yet
-Police people are real, can’t find email on server
-Investigations are real
-Murders in different parts of the country that were done with an edged blade
-Murder at crack house, thinks it’s a police officer b/c police gun was used
-Investigation for wire fraud, etc.

Note from flower girl (Cassidy) that murders have started again, and to help

Calling Rune for help/advice
-Suggest we go after Markus, but do it right this time
-Doesn’t know anyone in Chicago who could help
-Minions are human

The place to meet Markus is likely an abandoned station

Email sent to Archangel about where we’re going, what we’re doing

May be able to reason with Markus
-We have Super Soakers with gas and holy water, plus flares, lighters, etc.

No active trains through the area where to meet Markus
-A little light under the hatch
-Other people are watching in the area, not only on the location but each other
-Passing signals to each other, look scruffy and physical
-Lots of cameras nearby that are intentionally pointed away from the hatch

Hatch is open, we head on in
-Stairs go down, looks like a closed entrance to an old subway
-Utility lines deactivated, so light is coming from somewhere else
-Evidence of people having gone through here, recently cleaned a bit
-People nearby start looking at us as soon as we get to the hatch, then back away from the area to disappear (the ones who were communicating with each other)
-Other people are not actively looking around, but not at us, then start to fade away too (two groups of people)

In the hatch
-Path down, light gets better the further we go down
-Hear whispered conversation as we get closer to the platform

Markus looks nervous, Cassidy is pretending to be drugged, bodyguards are ready to go
-Cassidy shot, negotiations have broken down
-Cassidy pinned Markus so that he could be staked

Markus staked, bodyguards killed
-Gabe scored Markus’ wakizashi (yay), guns and armor scored from bodyguards
-Markus decapitated, burned, holy water on the ashes
-Bodyguards also decapitated, burned holy water on ashes

Streets clear once we get back to the street

Drop Cassidy at the hospital
-Attacks happening now, even though it isn’t the summer

Many rich people in town disappeared overnight after the attack

Cassidy didn’t check in to the hospital, number she gave us was fake

Rune contacts us to see how we are

10xp, plus 8xp from session #2 (cummulative 18xp)


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