Session 5

Thomas (and a large group from the soup kitchen) disappeared for about a day, then returned.
-From down time

Heading back down to Hoopstown to talk to Agnes re: Thomas’ brother’s death
-Arrive at 9am, picked up donuts
-We are all wired to hear/talk with each other, Gabe stays in the car to keep watch

Talk with Barney Fife, Agnes is nearby
-There’s been a murder, although the officials don’t seem to think so
-Wild dog attack 3 weeks ago
-Kids attacked at homecoming party, one of them was killed (junior is high school)
-No one saw anything, he went off to pee, others heard him scream, no one found him until the next day
-Location given, same place as all the other attacks (in the woods)
-Kid from one of the houses that is always getting attacked (4 so far this year)
-No high school kids in the other 4 houses (need to check prior years if any houses not attacked had kids of the right age)
-No official reports in town, sheriff has everything
-Will share info as we get it
-Shouldn’t meet with family right now
-Kids attacked have little or nothing in common (not friends, didn’t do stuff together, etc.)
—Stewart on scholastic team
—Bobby on football team
-Someone lives in all 8 houses that are routinely attacked
-Will make sure that kids in other 4 houses avoid the woods

Talk with Agnes
-Discussing details of attack on her brother
-Will meet for lunch at 10:30 (in an hour or so)

Checking out the woods at attack site
-Raining recently
-Large, open area that is hard to see from road, but good for gatherings
-Grass beaten down, looks like a big party that lasted a while
—Garbage on the ground
-Break in the tree line of the clearing, leads to a smaller clearing
—This is the murder scene; mostly cleaned up
—There were a number of large dogs waiting around the smaller clearing waiting for him to get there, then dragged him off further from the main meadow
—Dogs dragged kid to a person, then the dogs and person leave together
—Person was about 5-5.5 feet tall, about 120 pounds
—Following tracks further, find an old, burned-out house in the woods
-Sneaking around the house
—Big dog hiding around the north side of the house
—Mostly just the chimney is still there, most of the rest of the house is charred and caved in
—Another dog hiding on the west side of the house
-Google drive-by of the fertilizer plant

Meeting Agnes at the bar
-Brother’s name is Zachariah
-Agnes says Zack was in his 90’s when he died
-Agnes will be 83 in March
-Thinks Zack had a heart attack
-Barry gets nothing from mind reading
-Zack was there when Tommy was attacked
—Were meeting friends in the woods
—While waiting, Tommy was attacked, Zack drove off the dogs, then they went back to town
—Zack wasn’t harmed, he killed two of them with bare hands
—When this happened, Tommy wouldn’t have been in high school (too old, in his 20s)
-Old Boller place is what’s out in the woods (burned down house)
—Before first world war, family lived there
—Claimed kid killed several schoolmates, and the parents of those kids burned down the house
—Rumors that it’s haunted, Nickey Boller will get you, etc.
—Agnes checked it out once, didn’t see anything interesting
—Dog attacks started right after this (Agnes has old newspaper from this time, we will check this out at 2pm or so when she gets off work)
-Agnes not sure if Zack and Thomas were checking into the Boller place at that time
-Agnes is holding something back, but not sure what
-We will meet her for dinner at her house

Research at the library
-Found article about the fire at the Boller place
—Large number of parents at the scene, police classified as an accident, no investigation
-8 murders total, kids within a year or two of each other in high school (1902)
-Find old class pictures from the time
—Took pictures of the pictures, match names to pictures
-Kids killed in 1902 matches up to houses where kids are still being attacked
-Two adult skeletons found in the house a few weeks later
—Nothing for the kid found at the house
-Find a record of one of the 8 houses purchased by the Logan family
—No appearance of relation to Bollers or original 8 families

Agnes lives across the street from the house they grew up in
-She has 2 small dogs
-Lots of pictures of kids on the walls
—Kids she took care of (elementary school aged)
—Had a foster house

Dinner with Agnes
-Articles about all 8 murders
-Article about finding the skeletons
—Remains sent to county morgue, processed as Does, buried in unmarked graves
-Never found Nicky’s body, assume that the two bodies found were his parents
-Found a diary from one of the mothers of a kid that was killed
—All 8 children were attacked by animals, no link to Nicky, but everyone “knew” it was him
—All the other kids picked on Nicky
-Could be a vampire? 130 years old and controls dogs?
-No silver in the whole house
-Gabe takes a look around on the way to the bathroom
—Lots of herbs and flowers scenting the house
—Kitchen has a door to the cellar, door to back yard
-Says supernatural questions are weird to ask someone
—Barry reads thoughts, the word “werewolf” comes up in her mind
—Lessa can tell she is holding something back
—Agnes think it’s a serial killer? That is silly.
-She recalls something odd
—House rumored to be haunted, kids dare each other to go there, but it’s out of the way
—One kid who came back drew a picture for one of the kids she took care of
-She roots through some boxes, Gabe sees papers with weird symbols on them that she tries to hide
-Paper has an odd drawing (pentagram, square in a circle, T A X S H at the points)
—Symbol that has to do with demonology
—Kid said he saw that symbol in the house
—Shtax is the name of a demon, claims to be an angel to help people in need but ends up messing with them
-Agnes is actively being deceptive about knowing that this looks supernatural
—Says that monsters want to remain hidden, don’t want stories spread about them
—Will not go in-depth about this
-Gabe goes to take a few pictures of the papers with symbols on them

Head back to the motel

Research werewolves
-Not much info available
-Very fast, strong, vicious
-Easier to trick them
-Can hide well
-People can feel if a werewolf is pissed at them and wants them to go
-Silver hurts them
-No first-hand accounts available, generally about finding one and running away
-Generally run in packs, not alone
-No connection between full moon and werewolves is confirmed

Research demons
-They follow rules
-Everything they say is a lie
-Keep something holy/blessed on hand

Research silver
-Only werewolves are hurt by silver, regaredless of stories of other creatures

Murder and Thomas disappearing did not happen at same time

Reserach Shtax
-When first encountered, rides on a large black down
-First appears to be an angel, but once hooked shows to be a demon

Symbols from Agnes’ house
-Clearly some kind of language, not sure what
-Barry finds symbols on the margin of a website, but computer batteries go dead and can’t be recharged

Calling Rune
-Doesn’t sound like werewolves
—Would be way more violent
—Probably a spirit or demon, basically the same thing
-Shtax doesn’t sound familiar, but all these things have lots of names
—Get blessed stuff, need to be able to make a binding circle and the ritual for it
-If a spirit possesses someone, it can keep the person alive for a very long time
—Bind the spirit or kill the person
-Can bind them to a circle until they can get out of it, bind them to an item until the contract ends, etc.
-Kill the person, they get banished until they find another way back
-Will send us info about binding for use in the future
-Some priests/etc. that know the right ritual can bless an item
—May not be needed for this

Next morning, head back to the house in the woods
-Dog hiding under the porch, dosed steak thrown to it but doesn’t eat it
-Don’t see anything by the back door to the cellar, sneaking over to it
—Doors look very solid, not charred and in ruins
—Dogs hiding in the woods around the house
-At cellar door, hear a human voice, but can’t tell what is being said
—Distract dogs, head on down

-A bit messy, but not ashy from the fire
—Boxes, work bench, etc.
-Sleeping pallet, guy on it talking to himself with a dog
—Looks like a scrawny high school kid covered in rags, bruises; hands end in sharp black claws
—Appears to be completely insane, just attacks

Killed Nicky, his body turned into ash, dogs stopped attacking as soon as he died
-Found “trophies” of his prior killings
-Symbol scratched into the walls all over the place

10 xp each, communal XP TBD


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