Session 6

Body found in alley, cut up but no blood
-Anon photo on a blog showing the marking “F4GL1” on a different guy (underground fighting group post on unrelated blog)
-Something supernatural about the dead guy
-Guy found with no shirt, even though it’s cold
-Investigation of crime scene
-Car tracks leading up to alley (backing in), spun out as trying to leave
-One of the dumpsters has the lid pushed up, scuff marks on it
-Found a black contractors bag in the dumpster; coat, shirt, knives, gun, wallet (has drivers license with picture of the victim)
-Off to the side of the alley, bottle of Simple Green and rag with black smudges

Question about the victim
-Fight #, gladiator #

Barry checking for fight clubs
-Some run by the mob, some run by martial arts schools
-Fights are by invitation only, not broadcast
-Some are really, really sketchy
-Some have gotten busted, but generally none that match
-On the west side of town, moved from place to place, sent to Vinnie
—Vinnie is a bookie with thugs protecting him (police know about him but can’t do anything)
—Big fight tonight, 13 fights, very dangerous, but big payoffs
—At arena 12, leaving soon to go (followed by Alessa and Barry)

Uptown Theater is where the fight seems to be
-Closed for a long time
-My number is F2GL1
-As it gets later and closer to the fight, the bums in the area start to clear out and are gone within an hour or so
-One of the people walking in has fangs (vampire probably)

Guy helps Barry and Alessa get in
-Seems human, but has a bright aura
-Seems amused and concerned

Placing bets, looking around
-Groups of similar looking people (bikers, European nobility, etc.)

Taking seats, see that different groups are staying apart from each other
-Really rich looking folks are in boxes

Name of the guy helping Barry and Alessaa is Nathaniel
-Sitting it a box together
-Cooler set up for the box, just the three of them in there
-He carries a short staff like a cane

Local vampire court, summer king of changelings, more vampires, werewolves, a mage leader, etc. here watching
-Unknown “woman” runs the fights (Mistress Helena, appears human, “Very dangerous”)

This is apparantly the last fight night of the year
-Some fighting slots still available, it seems
-Several fights are the minions of a vampire that ran away from town, minions are being made to fight to the death

First fight
-The second fighter appears to be able to instantly heal
-Gladiator 2 wins!

My fight
-Opponent is a ghoul, seems capable in a scrappy/dirty way
-I got him on the first strike, he tried to attack me after the fight was over and was killed by a sniper in the catwalks
-$10k in an envelope
-Package with a very nice, steel blue silk shirt “To an honorable warrior”, no signiture

After my fight, I sit to watch the rest of the fights
-Fight 6 is Nathanial’s friend, a kid with a bastard sword
-Kid seems to have a lot of luck, can’t really fight (tripped and randomly stabbed out and got the other guy)
-When the kid slipped, he hit a puddle of blood that no one noticed or cleaned up; a broken chunk of weapon from a different fight stopped his sword from swinging so the other guy ran into it; other guy couldn’t see clearly due to the wall that he was going to run into the sword
-clearly supernatural

Back stage, kid called Nathaniel “uncle”, asked if they won a bunch of money
-Nathaniel says to not be so impulsive
-Kid is Leo
-Leaving to get a round of drinks
-Nathaniel talks to Leo about what to do differently
-Inside of Leo’s gi is an intricate pattern, so sort of ritual magic

NNathaniel wants to know why we killed Markus White
-Self defense, holding a friend of ours hostage (he was the aggressor)
-One of the guys in the seats was one of Markus’ ghouls; he noticed us and was watching us, we need to sneak out somehow, if possible

As we leave, one of the bikers steps in the way of Nathaniel
-Wants to kill us, Nathaniel says we are protected, and they get out of our way

We head to Nathaniel’s SUV
-He has heard of us, topic of discussion in Chicago, Markus had a lot of friends and enemies and was high-profile
-Even those that didn’t like Markus are concerned about us, not sure what we’re doing
-A lot of noise in the city right now
-Nathaniel is not a hunter, just has been around a while
-We now seem to have enemies (vampires by killing Markus, werewolves are happy about that, display interested the summer court of the changlings/fey, mage didn’t seem to care)
-Bikers were a group of vampires, not affiliated with anyone but don’t like hunters
-Alessa may be interested in learning the ritual magic at some point in the future, will take a long time to learn
-We have driven out of Chicago, drive up to a gate with a speaker, Nathaniel speaks French, gates open, drive in
-We are staying at Nathaniel’s house for the night to keep us out of trouble (very big house)

Nathaniel knows of a few hunters in Chicago
-Used to be a woman who worked with Joe(?), not sure what happened to either of them

Nathaniel makes sure everyone follows the rules (at least at the fight club)
-Vinnie books fights, he is one of Helena’s servants
-Helena is like a vampire; uses blood to sustain herself, but not like a vampire; stay away from her

House is large, we stay in guest rooms
-Library has a lot of books written in various languages
-Get a good wifi signal, there’s a server room in the house that is donig continuous searches
-Gabe is going to work out and spar with Leo
-Alessa spends time in the library with Nathaniel
-Barry is working in the server room to improve what is going on there

5xp each for the session


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