Session 7

Still at Nathaniel’s house the same night
-Nathaniel is a mage? Knows ritual magic.
-Makes sure the rules are followed in Chicago

Leo is a terrible fencer, competent at best, very wild
-Depeding on luck to get him through a fight, not skill, but luck generally helps him
-All of his clothes are covered in the runes
-Doesn’t feel he needs to learn since he’s always lucky
-Going to try to determine if there is a way to compensate or exploit this

Computer system is old (10-20 years old)
-Not much to be done to improve it without replacing it entirely
-Probably state of the art 10-20 years ago
-Surprising it is still running after all this time

In the library with Nathaniel
-He is very talkative, has lots of books including many in glass cases
-Tomes on magical theory, ritual magic, journals of those with experience with the supernatural, histories, etc.
-Can be considered a Library 5 merit collection
-Nathaniel doensn’t show any supernatural abilities in normal activities
-Nathaniel appears to be in his early 20s, but talks as though his is much older
—When asked how old he is, talks about Charlemagne on a campaign; doesn’t seem to remember, but says he is human
—Supernatural was more believed in at that time and people could use it freely
—He was patriarch of his family, didn’t want to give it up, and was given immortality to watch over his family
—Thinks Leo doesn’t have the respect that family members of the past have had
—Family members all over the world, can’t watch them all, so watches out for ones that are gifted in some way to impact history
—Family doesn’t really know any details about him unless Nathaniel thinks they are ready
—Leo excels at ritual magic
-Wants to know if we want training or not before we go back out
—Community in Chicago is very violent towards hunters
—Older cities have supernatural creatures that deal with hunters quickly
—If we want to keep doing what we are doing, we should leave; if we want to hunt in Chicago, we need to either leave and learn more or train to speed up the process
—We need to discuss

We are going to stay for training and re-evaluate at the end to determine what to do

Next morning have breakfast in a very nice dining room
-We request training, Nathaniel will make some calls to see what he can do
-Leo left the night before to go home, but will be back
-Barry gives some advice on how to upgrade the computer systems

Nathaniel leaves for the day, servents only speak French
-Comes back in the evening with our cars, all are parked in the driveway

During dinner, small very old (70s or 80s) Asian man joins us, ignores our questions
-As meal ends, a woman in priest robes joins us, hugs Nathaniel, sits down and starts talking about anything and everything (later 30s or early 40s)

Old man is human, but has a brightness to his aura implying some sort of magic (augmenting him in some way)
-He is intensely curious
-Barry’s aura reading

No reading on the woman in robes

Woman introduces herself as Alice

Nathaniel says he called these two because they don’t have students right now and can teach us
-Alice can train Barry
-Bishop, the asian man, can train Gabe
-Lessa will stay at the mansion to figure out what to specialize in

Gabe and Barry are leaving for training
-will take about 2 months

Alice walks through one of the walls to leave
-Hauls Barry through the wall after her

Bishop takes Gabe to the airport to fly to China on a chartered jet
-Go into the mountains to train in an old monestary
-Very hard training
-Fight against him bare-handed with whatever weapon I want, but he is too fast to touch and can’t really hurt him
—Slowly improve to the point he has to fight with a weapon
-Then need to read a book talking about alchemy, replacing fluids in my body with others to improve abilities

Alice takes Barry through the wall into a twisted dream-reality, walking and chatting
-Chatter starts to make sense after a while
-Entities are all around her whispering, and she is talking to them while they give her information
—Appears to be what she was doing at dinner; having conversations with multiple entities at once
—Creatures are some sort of spirits, but not human spirits
-Going into a forested area with a simple shelter
-Goes through a native american vision quest
—Begins to recognize that there are spirits around him, can understand and remember what he sees and hears
—Can see patterns of reality that are everywhere
-After some time, doesn’t seem chemicals/drugs/etc. to see these things and can see the patterns on his own

Lessa spent time learning about luck and rituals
-Reality-bending situations and being forced to read things in Latin she couldn’t understand

After two months, we all head back to the mansion
-Now early February in Chicago, cold and snowy
-Meeting up at the church in Birds

At the church, Gabe goes ephemeral
-In this world, the church is in full glory with light spilling out, hymns being sung, “souls” going in an out
—Very peaceful and safe feeling
—Inside, looks like how the church looked when it was still used as a church (maybe idealized)
—Place is permeated with light
—Looking outside, there is a spot where the light ends where there used to be a fence
—Going upstairs, faintly hear noise of someone working
—In last room of hallway, see a shadow working at a table with hefty weaponry cleaning/sharpening/etc. the gear (actually happening now)
-No one inside, but feels like there is a resonance of people being there for a long time
-Barry feels that the place is where spiritual energies coincide as a locus
—Senses spirits
—Resonance of protection and peace, very strong, ground was blessed
—Spirits with negative emotions are not able to come in, spirits with positive emotions can go in freely
—Around back, see a motorcycle parked and a light on in one of the windows

Knock on the front door
-Gabe is hiding in side room
-Silence from whoever is in the house, they quietly move down the hallway
-Very small individual with a big sword
-Barry starts going inside from front, Lessa from the back, figure stops
-Kitchen looks used
-It’s Cassidy at the top of the stairs with a lighter and a gun
—When she sees it’s Gabe, she holsters the gun and puts away the lighter
-She has a 5 foot long greatsword with lots of etchings on it
—Blessing in Latin to strike down the enemies of light

We start to make dinner

Cassidy is human, but has an augmented aura around her
-Barry’s Aura Read

Question time!
-She used to work with Joe (“very good friends”)
-5 years ago, ran into Joe in Nebraska before she was a hunter (at the time was to be a sacrifice)
-Decided to join up with him to help hunt
-Went around the country, became a good team
-When Joe died, she was doing something else while he was doing a job by himself
-She is getting ready to go back to Chicago, there are news reports about unexplained fires
—Not clear who is causing them; suspects are found burned in the fires
—Used to be once every few days, now happening every night
—Going on for the last 3 weeks, must be supernatural but not sure what
-Everything we left here is as we left it, so hasn’t been comprimised that we can tell
-People think that we may be dead since we’ve been gone for so long

Going to the motel to clear out all our files and return them to the church
-No longer need to go back here, closing our account there
-Everything is now back at the church

We will do research about the fires
-Fire is a cleansing force and a spiritual force
—Used to stare into fires to see the future, separates us from animals, etc.
-Also a destructive force, i.e. the Great Chicago Fire
-Fire is used to kill supernatural creatures (and other things)
-There are good and bad elemental spirits
—There is generally a resonance to a fire based on what it is used for
—Fire may be caused by a spirit, can tell that from the resonance
-Who is being killed by these fires?

Heading to another hotel to regroup and plan
Almost no one else there because of the weather
-Barry is doing some hacking to correlate events around the fires to determine if it is supernatural
—Body count is at about 100, fires are in random places and are random building types, but places where people habitate (including where homeless people go at night)
—Fires starting at midnight
—First two weeks, not very frequent, but in third week there was a fire every night
—Geographically diverse, but not in the loop (seems not condusive to fire)
—Find a missing persons report on Daniel Rebworth, a history professor at U of Chicago on early Chicago history, especially the Great Chicago Fire
-World-wide expert on the event
—-Missing for 3 weeks
—All fires are occuring in the boundaries of where the Great Chicago Fire was, but nothing significant about the sites where the fires are occuring now
-Lessa looking through her work email
—Work has been done for her while she was gone, mostly silly work to cover for her
—Nothing related to the fires assigned to her, but there are open files about the fires
-Fires were at (in order):
—Heritage Unitarian Church in Lakeview
—Apartment building in Little Village
—Old victorian home in Oak Park
—20th floor of the First National Bank of Chicago building in Near South Side
—More fires have occured, but they haven’t been opened as cases yet
-Only 1 victim in the church fire, which was the priest, who was at the center of where the fire started making people think he started the fire for unknown reasons
-20 people died in the apartment, fire started in one of the apartments, person who lived there found a tthe center of the fire
-Oak Park home was vacant, appeared that some vagrants moved in and started a fire that got out of control, 3 were killed
-Bank fire started in men’s room, contained to the floor due to sprinklers, 3 people died, 1 survivor in a coma at NU hospital
-Everyone died of burns, not smoke inhalation (very intense fires)
-Person’s apartment where the fire started was a firefighter that reported to the church fire
-One of the people who died in the Oak Park fire was a retired arson investigator, not a vagrant (maybe victims were not vagrants?)
-Person who survied (Carl Chen) has 2nd-3rd degree burns on 90% of his body

Heading back to Chicago to do some more research
-City is in gridlock, 2.5 feet of snow, bitterly cold, people staying in-doors as much as possible
-Barry’s apartment has been untouched, lobby security seems to have been living there

Looking through all our documents:
-Demons generally have power over fire
-Some demon-possessed get abilities using fire

Going to check out the church
-Smoking ruins
-Snow is covering it, but even after 3 weeks there is residual heat (unnaturally hot)
-As we drive by, see footprints in the snow going into and out of the ruins, some seems fairly fresh (crossing the police line)
-No one else is driving around, but there are cars buried in the snow
-Crouched figure on a building across the street keeping an eye on the church
-Gabe is going ghostly to look around and shadow the thing on the building
—Church is still on fire in Twilight, intensely hot, looks like a rend in the spirit realm to hell
—Where figure is sitting, rooftop looks scorched
—On the roof, the hunched figure looks like a young man, clothing not suited for the weather, jacket on his left side has a bloody patch (old blood), duffel bag sitting next to him
-Walking around the church, Barry gets a nervous feeling
—Negative spiritual events that tore open a place between the normal and spirit world
—Fire realm, lots of spirits around
—Ruins are warm
-Lessa gets an uneasy feeling while investigating
—Rough markings all around that could be claw marks of some kind (ritual magic, but not something she has seen before) – took pictures of them
—Barry sees that the claw marks say “No humans shall pass”, lots of spirit symbols marking it as a place of fire
—Claws in a perimiter around the church, appear to be territorial markings
—Snowball that is thrown in melts and turns to steam as it nears where the alter would have been
-Lessa steps into the boundary, guy on the rooftop tenses, picks up bag, looks around the street, then jumps off the roof (Gabe follows him over)
—Cassidy turns around when he lands, hearing the sound, and spots him
—He crouches, starts across the street, shouts “Blasphemy, get out of that holy place!”
-He makes a motion with his hand, a nearby spirit runs over to Lessa, and her clothes catch fire
—Guy is covered in litle fire spirits
-Guy assumes his war form, a 10 foot tall werewolf
—Gabe offers to talk; Cassidy stops, concentrates and zones out, then comes back
—When the werewolf is hit by the silver sword, the wound immediately begins to fester, which is really gross; Gabe offers to talk again
-He makes a heat illusion in the air, steps through it and vanishes into the Twilight
-Cassidy surprised to see a werewolf, hasn’t seen one in a long time
—Generally really powerful shamans, usually travel in packs


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