Session 8

Lessa walks into the church threshold to dry off
-Gabe does the same

Gets much hotter as approach the pews
No other ritual-type markings, although there is a definitive scorch mark by the altar
—Took a picture of the scorch mark
-Barry used thermal camera to see that there are sharp thresholds where it suddenly gets hotter
-Barry also feels spirits all around, all of them like fire and burning
—Hears quiet whispers coming from the altar area that sounds like prayers about burning
-Area is so intensely hot that if it weren’t winter, it would still be burning
-Cassidy waves Lessa over, puts her hand on her head; surge of energy
—The hotter areas aren’t as uncomfortable
—The scorch mark is likely where the fire started
-Ground around it is charred white
-Barry sees in the burning char a spritual name of The Great Fire
-Werewolf is in Twilight, drops a spirit carcas in his hand, is surrounded by more of the carcases, and his wounds finish healing (doesn’t see Gabe)
-Talked with the werewolf, he wants to burn the city down and wants us dead, so we’re going to fight
—Lessa headshots him; we grab the duffel bag and throw the body into the altar area
—We run away as the alpha is on the way

A pack of wolves is coming towards us
-We duck into an alley
-Wolves run by without seeing us
-We dump the werewolf’s head into a dumpster and head back to the car

Heading to Barry’s condo in the Loop
Hear a wolf’s howl over by where we were
-We see a back door to a condo building that we can break into
-Barry jacks the door, we go in and lock it behind us
—Gabe tosses his bloody clothes into the furnace
—We pull the fire alarm and run
—A huge guy with a jagged axe comes out of the building, and the people around are scared
-Has 2 wolves with him
—We keep running to Barry’s condo, covering our tracks as well as possible
-In Twilight, I see people made of ice walking through the street having fun
—Gabe plays with them in the snow. It is very silly.
-Barry researches the Great Chicago Fire, and finds out there were fires all over the country at the same time or very close to the same time
-Emailed Nathaniel letting him know the werewolves are starting fires all over the place
—This is the nature of spirits and fire-touched werewolves
—Other werewolves have ways to close the portals

At 4am, Rune calls, says he has the silver bullets, will be here in 12-14 hours
-Probably other kinds of werewolves who can help, but we should wait
-Going to drive out of the snowed-in area and wait for Rune or meet him in the middle

Another building burned down last night on the south side, no details yet
-No reports of the werewolf we killed

At 9am, we pack up supplies and head out in an SUV
-Going to head outside of the snowed-in area and wait a bit

We meet Rune in a hotel south of Milwaukee
-He is grumpy
-He gives us lots of silver bullets
-Rune eats (a lot) and heads back to his RV
-Resting for the night
—During the night a police station burned down

Heading to the church where we fought the werewolf
-No bodies, no footprints, but the area is still hot (looks like fresh snow, but it didn’t snow)
-Barry sees that where the markings were, they have been changed to, essentially, “Steer clear”
-We walk up closer, Barry senses that there is a barrier around the area containing it (no elementals escaping, etc.)

Heading to the second fire, the house in Oak Park
-Chimney still stands, rest of the building has fallen in to the basement, still hot
-Gabe sees a guy two houses over in a house that’s for sale looking out of an upstairs window
-Barry senses fire elementals in the area
-We circle around the back and take a look at the site
-Same as the church, it gets hotter as we get closer
-Find the scorch marks by the fireplace
-Old junker car drives up, guy from the house comes over, Alpha dude comes out of the car with another guy
-Kill the alpha and one of the goons, the other goon jumps into the Twilight



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