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The Player Characters

  • Barry – Software Entrepreneur by day, black hat hacker by night.
  • Gabriel – Wandering Swordsman, stays moving as much as possible.
  • Lessa – Chicago Police Detective, would like to give Holmes a run for his money.

Known Hunters

  • Montana
    - Run “Bear” Anders – Former Surgeon, a very big man with intimate knowledge of the spirit world
  • Minnesota
    - Steve “Hack” Jackson – Whiz with computers and small arms
    - Margaret “Lady” Phillips – Quiet and bookish, but very observant
    - Aroon “Blast” Sikes – Very good with large firearms and somewhat unstable
    - Nelson “Ace” Booth – Wheelman and smartass
  • Nebraska
    - Marco “Buz” Terk
  • Michigan
    - Jim Juarez – Detroit Police Department

Main Page

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